Socios started in September 2015 with the management of the Facebook page of This successful Dutch football store had a weekly organic reach of 8.000. They had an enormous margin to increase on social media. So we started to help them.

After we held exploratory discussions and did an analysis of the contemporary Facebook page, we developed an entire social media strategy. This strategy contains the values of Voetbalshop and a minimum of what the Facebook page must provide. But especially: how can we use this base to build on new ideas?

We created a strategy in which the communication of new releases, offers and giveaways were the main goals. It was very important to find a link between the current events in football and the goods of Voetbalshop.

In the document we also had custom-made and actual examples, which we started to create with our editors and our designers. The results were soon noticeable, and a year later the figures showed us that the new strategy was a success.

  • Likes on the Facebook page: from 8.000 to 70.000
  • Weekly reach: from 10.000 (8.000 organic) to 1 million, of which 800.000 are organic
  • Engagement of more than 7%
  • One of the most interactive Facebook pages of the Netherlands.

Above all, the boost on Facebook ensured a noticeable increase in sales of Voetbalshop. This was eventually the most important goal.