For our client, we created a social media strategy from scratch. After a company analysis we used our experience to pick Facebook as the most suitable channel. Our audience of is present on Facebook and here we have an important possibility to generate clicks to the website and the booking page of travel.

The combination of football and the product of voetbaltravel appeared to be the best combination for Voetbaltravel. Our aim was to go for premium quality posts. For example, we created a nice designed predict image or question for a quiz. So we pick up on the current events and we give our followers the chance to win prizes such as vouchers. This has a positive influence on the interaction, which has a positive impact on new Facebook posts.

From the start of our cooperation with Voetbaltravel the results have developed spectacularly. From a reach of 1.000 a week to a reach of 100.000 in less than four weeks. Voetbaltravel could directly register more sales, which gave them back their investment.